The Stratomaster Vega range consists of thirteen 2 1/4″ color display based instruments. 

Using a high resolution color graphics display, these instruments provide excellent daylight readability, even in direct sunlight. In addition they all
have built in backlighting making them easy to read at night time.

It includes a rotary control plus 2 independent keys for easy menu navigation and to access specific instrument features.

The Vega range also has a wide supply voltage range of 8 to 30V DC with with built in reverse and over voltage protection.

All engine monitoring Vega instruments have the ability to interface to a MGL Avionics RDAC unit.

  • Standard 2 1/4” aircraft enclosure (Can be front or rear mounted)
  • Rotary control plus 2 independent buttons for easy menu navigation and user input
  • Alarm output for alarm notification
  • Large backlit color graphic display
  • Multiple display screens (model dependent)
  • On board voltage reversal and over voltage protection for harsh electrical environments
  • Wide supply voltage range (8 to 30V DC)
  • Light weight design
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • 1 year limited warranty


Artificial horizon and
magnetic compass indicator


Self Contained Artificial Horizon and Magnetic Compass Indicator


Altimeter and Vertical
Speed Indicator


Airspeed Indicator


Altimeter, Airspeed (ASI) and Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)


Universal Engine Monitor 


Fuel Computer


Information Display (G-Force meter, UTC and Local Time, Slip Indicator, Outside Air Temperature (OAT), Battery Voltage, Current and charge display, Flight Timer & Flight Log, Stopwatch, Countdown Timer and Alarm)


Magnetic Compass Indicator


Manifold Pressure and RPM Indicator


Universal Engine / Rotor RPM Indicator


4 Channel Thermocouple (EGT/CHT) Indicator


4 Channel Universal Analog Input (Pressure / Temperature / Current / Volts) Indicator)