GPS Antenna

Active GPS antenna suitable for all MGL Avionics GPS related products. SMA male connector, works on 2.7V to 3.6V systems.

Please note: This item is included in all MGL Avionics products that include a GPS receiver.

Cable length: 5 meters. Antenna has a center mount with split nut and rubber gasket. Antenna housing is suitable for painting to match aircraft. Ideal device for installation on aircraft surfaces to ensure best possible, unobstructed sky view.

Note: Do not shorten cable. Coil excess cable with diameter of about 10-15cm and then  flatten the coil to form a figure of 8. Place a cable tie in the center to maintain this shape.

Magnetic field DC current measurement sensor

This sensor can be used to measure DC currents in aircraft power systems in a wide range from less than 4A to as high as 120A depending on installation and configuration.

The sensor connects to an EFIS system via spare RDAC inputs. Inputs CHT1,CHT2,OIl pressure or Oil temperature can be used and these can also be used on a second RDAC unit (consider a low cost RDAC VD as second RDAC if required). G1 and G2 EFIS systems can support up to 4 of these sensors while Enigma can support 2.

These sensors can measure currents bi-directional, for example battery charge/discharge.

The major advantage of these sensors is that they can be fitted to existing conductors very easily without a need to break the conductor or require the use current shunts.

For iEFIS systems, connects to the current input of an RDAC XF or RDAC XG

Manual for the magnetic current sensor.

The FT-60 “Red Cube” fuel flow sender

Perhaps one of the best flow sensors available, the “red cube” provides extremely low pressure drop, good accuracy and repeatability.