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Probes and Senders

GPS Antenna Active GPS antenna suitable for all MGL Avionics GPS related products. SMA male connector, works on 2.7V to 3.6V systems. Please note: This item is included in all MGL Avionics products that include a GPS receiver. Cable length: … Read More

Electronic Circuit Breaker

Electronic Circuit Breaker This flexible module provides up to 8 individual circuit breakers that can be configured for trip currents up to 10A. Breaker doubling and tripling options allow for trip currents of up to 30A. This module can operate … Read More


iEFIS MX1 The MX1 is the latest in the long line of MGL Avionics developments. This portrait mode EFIS features a 7” wide viewing angle touch screen. Different from its iEFIS siblings it is based on the latest developments in … Read More

Other Accessories

SP-10 Flap and trim controller The SP-10 provides flap control as well as pitch and roll trim functionality to an EFIS system. Control is via the EFIS, via a set of panel mount buttons or via a dedicated panel mount … Read More

AHRS and Compass Sensors

Inertial and magnetic sensor products SP-6 electronic, solid state compass solution for aircraft SP-6 magnetometer/electronic compass with advanced in-flight calibration algorithms for correction of hard and soft iron magnetic errors caused by ferro-magnetic materials in the aircraft.  Using a newly developed, unique … Read More

RDAC Engine Monitors

RDAC (Remote Data Acquisition Computer) The RDAC XF Engine monitoring module The RDAC XF is the Engine monitor module used with Xtreme, Ultra, Enigma, Odyssey, Voyager and all iEFIS instruments. Available in two versions, the RDAC XF is the base … Read More


EMI Interference Suppressor Warning: Beware of ferrite suppressors sold in many electronic shops or mail order catalogs. Nearly all of them are made from Manganese-zinc or Iron powder and have zero effect at VHF frequencies (100Mhz or higher). We only … Read More

A16 Audio Intercom System

A16 Modular Aircraft Intercom System Modular audio intercom systems can significantly ease aircraft wiring systems as is becomes possible to optimize audio wiring routes behind the panel. There is no longer a restriction that all audio wiring must be concentrated … Read More

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