SP-10 Flap and trim controller

The SP-10 provides flap control as well as pitch and roll trim functionality to an EFIS system.

Control is via the EFIS, via a set of panel mount buttons or via a dedicated panel mount control instrument or any combination of these. One SP-10 can provide two motor controls (for example flap position and pitch trim) or can be configured for a single function with high current needs.
In combination with trim sensing autopilot servos the SP-10 can also be used as auto-trim device.

The SP-10 can also be used as a stand-alone 4 position flap controller using 4 panel mount push buttons.   Download the SP-10 manual here

Circuit to control high current motors using the SP-10

10 000 uF Electrolytic Capacitor

This 10 000uF electrolytic capacitor is an inexpensive and useful addition to your aircrafts power supply. It can significantly reduce noise signals on your power supply that may be affecting your VHF radio such as ignition noise or rectifier/regulator noise artifacts.

Note: the capacitor must be installed as close as possible to the noise source with very short leads for maximum effect.

Transorb Surge Protector

This device is used for the effective overvoltage protection of sensitive electronic equipment on your aircraft.

Voltages of several thousand volts can be measured in your aircraft when operating devices such as electrical motors, starter motors or solenoids. The surge protector clamps these voltages to an acceptable level suitable for electronic equipment.

AvioGuard Isolated DC/DC converter for avionics applications.

Wide input range (9-36V) solution provides clean 13.8V DC for quality power supply to sensitive avionics in the cockpit. High levels of fault protection and complete galvanic input to output isolation plus simple avionics battery backup solutions complete this useful device.

Download the manual from this link

IEFIS Extender

This device can be used to extend the capabilities of a iEFIS “Lite” system. Providing 8 analog/digital inputs and 5 digital outputs, extending the iEFIS “Lite” RS232 ports from 2 to 6 usable ports, OAT sensor input as well as a built in AOA pressure sensor.

The Extender amp also be used for regular iEFIS systems to add additional analog/digital inputs and digital outputs.

Download the manual from this link

Download firmware update (STM.BIN) from this link

Download document describing firmware update procedure here

Firmware update adds support for connection via CAN port 1 for iEFIS additional inputs 8-16 and outputs 5-8.