Updated WAC Charts Available

These new WAC charts are compatible with all MGL Odyssey/Voyager G2 as well as MGL iEFIS G2 and G3 systems which consist of the following MGL units. IEFIS, iEFIS lite and EFIS MX1.

They will provide comprehensive coverage of continental Australia.

The WAC charts are subject to Commonwealth Copywrite and as such we have to pay an annual subscription fee and royalties on each set of WAC charts sold. Consequently, we have set the purchase price at $100 (plus GST).

We also need to create a register of each subscription. That will consist of the following four fields

  •          Name
  •          Email address
  •          iEFIS serial number
  •          Aircraft registration  or manufacturers number

 The iEFIS serial number can be found in the iEFIS at the Menu>Information system menu>System status. Alternatively it is printed on the rear of the iEFIS unit.

Contact us via the Contact Page with the above information we will send you an invoice.

When we have your subscription details and payment of $110 (inc GST) we will send you a link that will enable you to connect to Dropbox and download the 25 maps that make up the set. It is not possible to send them by email, the files are too large.

Kind Regards