‘No Nonsense’ MGL Avionics Product Warranty

Statement by MGL Avionics, the manufacturers of Stratomaster systems and accessories.

One of the questions we are often asked is: “what about warranty ?” We are flyers ourselves and think like you do. We would not like to spend a lot of money on an instrument (or anything else for that matter) only to have to pay some more because somebody messed up somewhere when the instrument was produced.

For us as a manufacturer it is a difficult thing – we build our instruments using many, many components that are produced all over the world. We take care to use only premium quality components, sometimes not an easy thing to do. Piracy and remarking of rejected electronics components for the OEM market is a fact. If somebody offers us components that are “too cheap”, we get suspicious.

Of course, electronic components, regardless if an expensive display or a small resistor do not carry any kind of warranty from their manufacturers. We have to pay for any failures ourselves and have no claim against any manufacturer. This little fact on its own means we have to be extra careful with our product testing and have to be as sure as we can possibly be before packing your instrument in its box. As a result we test all our instruments for a minimum of 48 hours before shipping. This includes exposing the units to vibration and extreme temperatures.

Our Warranty Statement:

Any Stratomaster instrument is guaranteed against faulty workmanship on the part of MGL Avionics for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. MGL Avionics may at their discretion decide to either repair or replace the instrument. MGL Avionics will provide free labour and parts. Courier costs or postage costs will be for the account of the purchaser. Any warranty repair will EXTEND the warranty for a further 6 months if the valid warranty claim is lodged within months 6 to 12 after date of purchase. MGL Avionics will repair the unit as fast as is possible and will subject the repaired unit to full factory test and calibration. For this reason, warranty repairs will take a minimum of three days.

Please note: Certain parts are subject to breakage by misuse or external influences that cannot be covered by any warranty.
In particular – the following possible damages are excluded:
  • LCD display – glass cracked due to mechanical damage or freezing of the liquid crystal. The LCD must not be exposed to temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit) or above +80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit). Missing segments due to corrosion caused by water ingress or operation under excessive humidity is excluded from warranty. LCD displays are specified from 0-90% relative humidity (a very wide range) providing no condensation will result.
  • Any damage due to unusual events e.g. aircraft crashes, hard landings, dropping the instrument, excessive G forces, excessive vibration.
  • Exposing the instrument to incorrect power supply voltages, such as connecting the instrument to mains power supply, any voltage in excess of 30 volts DC, and any AC voltage.
  • Connection of unqualified or incorrect devices. Please contact us before you connect anything unusual to this instrument.
  • Destruction of the air-talk link due to connecting the unit to PC’s with unconnected earth leads or leaky power supplies.
  • Damage due to excessive static discharge. ยท Damage due to lightning strike.
  • Damage due to over pressure of any sensors, in particular ruptured silicon diaphragms due to over pressure or mechanical action.

Any signs of opening the instrument or tampering with any of the internal parts will invalidate the warranty.

MGL Avionics endeavors to repair any faulty unit whether inside or outside of the warranty period speedily and at the lowest possible cost. Your first stop in case of a malfunction should be the firm you purchased your instrument from – the Australian distributor for Stratomaster products – Asia Pacific Light Flying Pty Ltd. It may be possible to repair your instrument without it having to be shipped to us.